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Nadia Ruiz, PhD

Philosophy Department | Stanford University 

Thanks for visiting my page!



Hello, I am the recipient of the Desai Family Postdoctoral Scholarship in the Philosophy Department at Stanford University. My PhD thesis focused on the microfoundationalist approach in economics. In general, I proposed that thinking of microfoundations purely as a methodological practice reveals new answers to the debate. My current research focuses on the epistemic and non-epistemic constraints in economic methodology––i.e, model-construction––and the relationship with policy making. Specifically, whether economists, as practitioners of science and as contributors to public policy, are only required to epistemically justify their methodology or do they have a “moral” responsibility as well. I am also interested on the different methodologies used in the social sciences. For example: what is the epistemic virtue of ethnographies in Anthropology? 


On my free time I dwell on the impact of feminism in pop-culture and loving Señor (my dog). 

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