Nadia Ruiz


2015-Present PhD, Philosophy, University of Kansas 

Advisor—Armin Schulz

2020-Spring Visiting Graduate Student, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science.—sponsor Johanna Thoma

2017 MA, Philosophy, University of Kansas

2013 MA, Philosophy, University of Texas at El Paso

2011 BS, Philosophy & Political Science, University of Texas at El Paso



1. “Social Ontology and Model-Building: A Response to Epstein ” Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 2021, 51(2), 176-192. (accepted draft).

2. “Microfoundations and Methodology: A Complexity-Based Preconception of the Debate”
(with Armin Schulz). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.(forthcoming). (accepted draft).

Work in Progress 

1. More Methodology, Less Metaphysics: A Response to Hoover’s Argument Against